When you want to move your Pool table, you should contact a professional Washington DC Pool table removal service. These companies can pack and load the table, as well as attach felt and level the slate. They also provide professional installation and disassembly services. They have professional equipment for this purpose.

Washington DC Pool table removal service

A pool table removal service is crucial to moving your pool table. Moving your pool table is a lengthy process and requires extra help. There are several steps involved in the disassembly process and special tools. If you are not experienced in moving pool tables, you may end up damaging your pool table.

Before hiring a removal service, you must carefully measure the space inside your home. You need to determine whether there are any doorways or hallways. Then, prepare the area where you plan to move your pool table. You should open all doors and ensure the area is safe before the move. Also, protect the walls and floors by covering any sharp edges.

A Washington DC pool table removal service can move your pool table in one piece or in two parts. If you are planning to move it yourself, you should first remove any staples that are holding down the table’s rails. In some cases, it’s possible to unscrew the rails using a socket wrench. If you are planning to move a larger table, you need a service that can move it in the space that you have available.

Professional Pool table removal in Washington DC

Hiring a professional pool table removal service is essential if you want to move your pool table safely and effectively. These types of tables are very large and require special care to move. The delicate components combined with heavy weights can cause permanent damage if they are not handled properly. It is also very costly to ship them and can also be tricky to find the best carrier for the move.

First, you should inspect the pool table before hiring a removal service. If you notice any damage, take pictures so that you can file an insurance claim. Once you’ve taken the photographs, remove the cushions and the back from the table. You’ll also want to unpick any staples and pockets from the table.

Furniture Experts Movers company

If you have a pool table that needs to be removed from your home, you can hire the services of a company that specializes in moving pool tables. This company is certified to move interstate. They also have the right equipment to do the job in a safe and timely manner.